Success Stories

Charlie's Story


We will never know what exactly happened to Charlie, but we do know he was badly injured in February 2009. The dog warden, Jim, picked him up as a stray and brought him into Noreen McGinn at the Carrick Veterinary Centre. Noreen said she would be glad to operate at no cost if she thought there was any chance he would be re-homed. Jim checked with the MSPCA who were only too willing to continue his care and find him a new home. Noreen removed his eye and stitched one of his 2 facial lacerations. Charlie was such a trooper and a great patient, enduring the discomfort and pain during his recovery care which required constant bandage changes, washings, medications, and topical treatments. 

Charlie was re-homed three weeks after he came into our care. A wonderful woman had just lost her Terrier to old age and saw Charlie with his big bandage and vet collar and asked to meet him. Upon spending time with him she said “he is the one for me”! Charlie settled in so quickly in his great new home and has never looked back (no pun intended)! We want to thank his new friend/owner, Anne Gormley, for giving him a second chance in spite of his eye removal. We also want to express our sincerest gratitude to Noreen McGinn (Carrick Veterinary Centre) for so willingly offering to perform Charlie’s surgery for FREE to help this special fella!  It is special people like Anne and Noreen that confirm how caring and loving us humans can be!




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