Denice Corbett visited the MSPCA on 9th March 2016 along with her MSPCA rescue dog, Rauri, and Susie Q (her other rescue dog) to present our shelter with a donation of £ 610!  Denice re-homed Rauri (Saluki mix male) in March 2012 and he and Susie Q are inseparable. Denice Corbett was a nurse for 38 years and retired in 2002 and started Ballysaggart Environmental Group in 2005. The Balysaggart Environmental Group was a way to educate the local children about the fascinating local biodiversity and to protect the Ballysaggart Lough for future generations. To this end, Denice ran awareness days at the Lough every year and invited RSPB conservation volunteers, local biodiversity officers, and other agencies to participate using interactive methods of teaching. She also gave biodiversity talks in local primary schools and rescued waterfowl when and if necessary. Sincere thanks to Denice for the donation and well done to her for her all her tremendous work!