When you acquire a dog, you take on the responsibility for keeping it clean, tidy and well groomed. People often base their choice of breed on a glossy picture in a dog book or a dog they may have seen in a Movie or dog show, so if you aren’t aware of the range of different dog coat types then it will be a very short time before your dog looks nothing like the one in the picture and is also suffering as a result of neglect.

Grooming is not just for show-dogs so do some research before you purchase that cute puppy.

There are five basic types of dog coat

  • Long coat with undercoat  -  German Shepherd, Collie
  • Silky coat                         -  Yorkshire Terrier, Spaniel
  • Non-shedding curly coat     -  Poodles, kerry blue
  • Smooth coat                    -  Boxer, Whippet
  • Wiry coat                         -  Westland Terrier, Cairn, Norwich

Whatever your dog’s coat type, regular grooming keeps it looking and feeling good. Most dogs enjoy grooming so start from an early age and get them used going to the grooming parlour, good groomers use the session to check for other problems which can lead to early detection of health conditions.

Attached are a few of the many dogs we get into the MSPCA shelter in appalling conditions and these are dogs their owners professed to love!!